Frequently Asked Questions?

​In what areas do you provide your Chimney Sweep Services?

We are based in Havant, Hampshire and cover East Hampshire and into West Sussex. We Sweep from Eastleigh in the West, to Winchester in the North, across to Chichester in the East, and down to Hayling Island in the South, with all the Towns and Villages in between.

 How much do you charge?

A normal stove or Fire place sweep starts from £55.00

may cost more depending on the location and travelling time.

We can do two at the same home, if necessary.

A Birds nest removal will cost around £60.00 for the first hour but may be more depending on the scale of the blockage and the additional time involved.

If their is a blockage, we can carry out a CCTV video camera inspection of your Chimney or Flue when required for £25.00

​   What preparations should we make?

Move any Ornamants or Valuables away from the Fire Place or Hearth area. Do not use the Stove or Fire for 12 hours prior to our arrival, to make sure it is cool. We love Pets, but they wont come to any harm, if they are kept out of the room while we do our Job.

  Do I need to lay any Dust Sheets?

No, we provide all the Sheets to give Floor protection from the Entrance door to the Fire  place area. We will lay sheets around our working area and if necessary protect adjacent furniture with extra sheets. We also use Industrial HEPA Filtered Vacuum cleaners to remove all Soot and Debris which gets bagged up for disposal

How long will a normal Sweep take?

Usually we are on site for around 45 minutes, sometimes if we encounter a problem with a blockage in the Chimney of Flue it may take longer. Birds nest removal will take longer, and will incur an additional charge. 

Do you remove bird’s nest from my chimney?

Yes we do, we can probe the flue with a video camera to identify the extent of the blockge. Then use our power sweeping equipment to gently loosen the nest from the bottom firstly breaking the lowest twigs and sticks and then continue upwards, removing it bit by bit, or until it collapses!

We discover quite a few nests annually, however we will not remove any nests whilst in season, as this is against the law from 1st March to 31st August and will carry a large fine if we proceed to remove one! (The Wildlife and Countryside act 1981) Unfortunately at times, we do sometimes accidentally disturb and remove small nests on the side of flues, when the home owner is not even aware that their is one present. From March -July we will take bookings to remove a disused nest at the end of the season, but will not remove one until then, when it is legal to do so.


Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £2 Million.

​  Do you provide Safety Certificates on Completion?

Yes, as members of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS) we are all professionaly trained and Qualified to service and inspect your Stove, Fire, and Chimney. After thoroughly sweeping, we always carry out a Smoke Draw Test, to gauge the amount of Air-flow through the chimney. Once we are satisfied that your Fire or Stove is Safe to use, we provide free of charge a Certificate of Safe Compliance. (required by Insurance companies)

​   Why do I need to have my Chimney or Flue Swept?

To remove any obstructions, blockages, and soot deposits, which will prevent a chimney Fire. To allow free flow of air and to remove dangerous fumes to the atmosphere such as Carbon Monoxide. A clean Chimney increases the draw of air flow, which creates a better burn and more efficient use of fuel, which saves you money.

    Can you supply and Fit Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

Yes, we carry a number of CO Alarms on our vehicles, and are happy to install them near your Fire-place or Stove for a Nominal Fee.


    How often should I have my Flue or Chimney swept?

LOGS/ TIMBER OFFCUTS: Once a year or twice if used regularly

SMOKELESS FUELS: Minimum of once a year


GAS: Once a year

 OIL: Once a year

THATCH ROOF PROPERTIES: Three times are recommended, but

  a minimum  of twice a year