What we do...

  • Clean Fire places, Wood burning and Multi-fuel stoves and sweep the full length of the Chimney or Flue, using the latest techniques and up-to-date specialist equipment.

  • Clean Steel lined Flues with specialist, Nylon Whip heads and modern Power Rotary Sweeping system.

  • Video Camera, full length inspection of Chimney or Flue, with recordable images when required. (additional cost)

  • Protect all working floor areas and the route from the entrance of the property to the appliance, with suitable dust sheets.

  • Bag up all remaining debris and soot, and thoroughly clean the inside of the stove and the Hearth area with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Birds nest removal, when outside of the nesting season (additional cost, depending on the time involved and extent of the blockage)

  • Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms, near the fireplace or stove. These are essential for safe health from toxic fumes and are required for insurance purpose (additional cost)

  • Issue a free ICS Certificate of Safety Compliance with every sweep. (Property Letting Fire insurance may be invalid without it.)

  • Other Services that we offer:

  • Garden Projects, Erecting Gates, design and instalation of Pergolas, manufacture and install bespoke Log stores. (see Gallery)

  • Home painting and decorating to a professional high standard.